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Emma Thompson At the Golden Globes

Last night was the Golden Globes on NBC.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kicked some butt and nailed this gig.  It was such a joy to see 2 women share the stage without trying to one up the other.  Women SUPPORTING women.  Strange concept lately??

We as women need to boost each other up, especially us Moms.  Sometimes the everyday life can get us down, but we have to focus on the fact that we are not alone.  We have to be "real".

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Will You Marry Me Jon Bon Jovi?

So last week, I went to the Bon Jovi concert at MetLife stadium in East Rutherford N.J. with my friend Liza. When she first asked me, I did not hesitate to go because I had not seen my future husband (Bon Jovi) for quite some time. LOL.

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Famous TV Moms and the Truth!

Growing up, I watched "The Brady Bunch" and was hopefully in love with Peter. I even think I had a poster of him in my room. LOL. I was soooo jealous that these 6 kids got a Mom that seemed to never raise her voice and rarely did you see them get grounded. I wanted to jump into the TV and live there permanently.

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