Best Drugstore Beauty Products For Women Over 40


As women get older, certain things about our bodies begin to change. We tend to loose elasticity in our skin, our butts begin to sag, as well as our boobs! But, I always hoped that my face would stay the same. I hear laughter across the world from every woman. I was hoping and praying that my face would be the face of my 20-something self.

Well, Mother Nature just had a good hearty laugh. That is sadly not true. Our faces will change and the wrinkles on our faces will show what our life was and is. Our face shows the world the roadmap of our lives. Unless you have visited a specific type of doctor and he injected “the botox”.

We can still look fabulous at a certain age and should not let this fact dictate how we look. We are women and have done incredible things and should feel good about it. Here are a few beauty products I have found and used that make me have a “glow” look.

These products bring me back to my wild and free time in my life when I didn’t have a care in the world. Look out world here comes “a hot chick”.

  1. Creme blush - this is better than a powder one. This is the time to switch over. It will bring moisture to your face and last longer than powder. Think dew on a early morning. The best one out there is Bobby Brown’s Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks. You can get this for $30. It does not disappoint!

  2. Next up is Mascara - as we age, some of us begin to loose our lashes or they become thin. No worries! Here is a mascara that will make your lashes pop! It is L’oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara for just $8.99.

  3. Lipstick - we need our lips to look luscious and moist! That’s what all the “young chicks” look like. But, we have to show the world, that we still look damn good. Lips are one of the first things people see because that is where our voice come from. So, here is one that does not crack them and keeps them fabulous! NARS Orgasm lipstick for $26. Yes, ladies, you read it right. Maybe it does double duty. LOL.

  4. Last but not least is eyeshadow - most women do not wear eyeshadow because they feel like it does nothing. Well, guess again! Your eyes will look soft and sweet. A little to your eyelids will go a long way! So here is one of my favs! Too-faced Natural Eyes Eyeshadow for $38 at Sephora.

So, go out and seize the makeup counter. You can do this and just keep saying to yourself “I still got it.”

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