Baby Safety Tips for First-Time Parents


Becoming a parent for the first time can be a truly rewarding experience, but it’s no secret that it comes with many challenges. After all, newborns are entirely dependent on you for all of their needs. One of the things you need to be on top of is keeping your child healthy and safe. Here, we list some of the ways you can avoid safety risks, and thus ensure your child’s safety during various activities.

Giving a Bath

Learning how to bathe your child is one of the most intimidating parts of first-time parenthood, but is a reality that all parents need to face. The most important thing to remember is to never leave your child in a bathtub alone, even for a few seconds. If you have to answer the door or take a call, either delay it or take your baby with you.

Before placing your baby in the tub, test the water to see if it’s 120°F or less since your baby’s skin is tender and can burn easily. Equally important is to do a quick sweep around the bathroom and make sure there isn’t anything you can knock into the bath while you bathe your child.

During Playtime

Be especially cautious when choosing toys for your child, as picking the wrong ones may cause injuries. Even if it’s labeled as safe for infants, double check the item yourself to make sure that it doesn’t have any sharp edges or small parts. Moreover, these toys should be marked as non-toxic, since your baby may try to chew them. A rule of thumb to follow is to avoid buying anything with parts smaller than 2 inches.

Alternatively, Business Insider recommends choosing books over toys for your child, as reading can greatly help promote their brain development, even before they learn to talk. It goes without saying that reading to your baby is a safe way to entertain them. On top of that, it will help familiarize them with the sounds of the language and can be a wonderful bonding experience between you and your child.

Going Outside

Taking a walk outside or bringing your infant when running errands can be an exciting but challenging experience. To accomplish this task effectively, you will need to invest in a reliable stroller.

Pushchairs come in many shapes and sizes, and you have to pick one depending on your needs and how safe it is for your child. When using one, a pushchair safety guide by iCandy highlights the need to ensure that the safety harness is fitted snuggly around your child’s shoulders, waist, and between their legs. Additionally, you should avoid putting too much weight on the back of the stroller, as it may cause it to tip over. Instead, hand carries separate shopping bags that you have with you. If you’re going further than the local grocery store, be sure to follow our tips on ‘How to Make Traveling with Kids Easier and More Fun!’, which details exactly what you have to pack to keep your child safe and entertained on your vacation.

While Sleeping

As a new parent, it can be comforting to sleep close to your child in the same bed. However, this opens up some dangerous possibilities — you wouldn’t want to accidentally roll on top of your child.

Avoid this risk by having a good crib in your bedroom. When picking one out, News Nifty points out how you should always check the quality of the item, as subpar materials may harm your baby. Indeed, spending more on a trusted brand is better than saving a few dollars while inadvertently risking your child’s safety. Lastly, pick cribs with narrow slits to avoid any chance of your baby’s head getting stuck in between the bars.

Overall, it’s possible to reduce risks by being mindful when handling your child. By staying focused and following the above tips, you and your infant can have a safe bonding experience for the first and most crucial years of their development.