The Dreaded "M" Word & Funny Tips To Get Through It!


I never thought I would get to this place in my life. In my mind, I am still a 30-something girl who is wild and free. Not a care in the world and just enjoying all that life has to offer!

Growing up, I remember my mom going through this. Back then, ( in the dark ages), the utter of this word meant a stern and mean look from a woman who meant business. That word was the dreaded “M” word. Yes, I am going to say it - MENOPAUSE!

How the hell did I get here so fast. LOL. I guess time has a way of moving along and I just got swept up in it. Swept up in raising kids, driving carpools, college applications. All still in the midst of trying to find myself. Life happened fast!

I made a decision I was not gonna be quiet during this time. I was gonna let my family know when the bad days were here and that they all better strap on their boots for it.

But, then I realized that instead of being afraid of it, I was going to laugh at it. I was going to look directly into the eyes of that confusing time in a woman’s life, and laugh at it. Yes, you heard me right. Put on your depends girls, cause that is what I said.

Menopause has some symptoms that we may all experience and some we may not. Every chick is different. A little side note - I have a twin sister who went on this ride untouched. No symptoms at all. I myself got her share. Twins usually share stuff but not in this case. LOL.

  1. Hot Flashes - not to scare you, but these could be fierce. You feel like you are on fire from the inside. Tip - This gift from a friend has saved the day for me! It is a little fan that attaches to your cell phone. Keeps you cool and gets the flash down. You might look like a wacko doing it , but who cares!! Also, ice chips down the bra is the best relief! Here is the link for it

  2. Bladder Control - Okay, this has not changed that much for me. Yikes! Tip - Since having kids, I have bought stock in Depends. Believe it or not, the designs have improved. So, to make light of it and not be embarrassed about wetting your pants, then BUY them.

  3. Sex - you might become less interested. Well, I guess I have had this symptom since having kids. Lol. Tip - One thing I do to get myself “in the mood” is to watch any movie on the Hallmark Channel. Yeah, you heard it right. Those movies are so mushy and could put you in the right mood. Don’t judge till you try it.

  4. Mood swings - this could be the worst one of all for your family. Tip - One thing I do when I feel it coming on , so to speak, I tell my family one thing. “My head is gonna spin like in the Exorcist”. That is code for to stay away from momma for the day. I feel those moods coming on and I hate them. Another thing is getting out of the house is good. Take the credit card to Target and do some damage!!

We do incredible things as women and getting through this phase of our life is hard. But, if you laugh at it and make a joke about it, Menopause does not get the win. Besides, if it was really easy Men would do it!

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