Arts Education: 51 Reasons To Want A Doggyploducus On Your Fridge!

Had the pleasure of having Neve from the blog WeTheParents write this blog post. Check it out and give her some love!


Being a parent often requires diplomacy and sensitivity. I’m thinking about the moment your child returns from school waving their latest creative masterpiece over their head. As they hand it to you, eyes wide with expectation, you have only a split second to figure out what on earth it is!

It’s not a math assignment, that’s obvious. Art would be the safe bet. It is definately abstract, avant-garde even. And yet, you know that you kid has gone for realism. The least you can do is recognize that it’s a...


Ah, no, a Diplodocus. Of course, I see it now.

As parents, we always cherish our kids artwork, wheter or not we can tell what it is. Often, though, what is more important than the quality of the work is the pride on their faces as we hang it up.

Similarly, the value of learning arts at school goes beyond the technical skills they acquire. Kids that regularly engage with music, drama, art, and dance also benefit from increased self-confidence, self-expression, empathy, social awareness, and ability to work in a team. Heck, studies have even shown it to boost IQ.

Here are a whopping 51 ways that Arts Education benefits our children:


You can learn more about these benefits here.

This week is National Arts in Education Week: a time to celebrate creativity in our schools. Arts have the power to transform lives. It’s vital that our children get to experience them.

As we celebrate this week, let's all agree that, based on their own merits, the arts have earned their spot in our schools just as your child's Doggyplodocus masterpiece has earned a spot on your fridge.



Neve is a music teacher, kid wrangler, and writer. She blogs at WeTheParents with husband, Keane. There, she gets serious penning parental advice, while he messes about reviewing kids toys. Ah, the imbalance!