#RealityMomsGIVE Empowering Trip To Tuckerton Seaport!


With what is going on in the world today, I needed to do something to make myself feel good and empowered. Boy, what I got in return was a pure gift and one that shocked the hell out of me!

I had the distinct pleasure of heading to Tuckerton Seaport with a small group of mom writers. We were getting the chance to help our awesome leader Joey Fortman @realitymoms. A great group of women who look at motherhood with a lot of laughter! Tuckerton Seaport is a non-profit organization who works with the military.


And that’s how this weekend came about. It was for the wives of the military who were expecting or had their babies recently. It was a “sprinkle” event where these women were shown that what they do matters.

What they give up - we hear them. Have any of you ever heard the saying, “behind every strong man is a strong woman”. Well, that can’t even begin to describe what these exceptional women give up. Not only are their partners protecting our rights, but they are as well!!

They get up every day not knowing when the next time they will see their loved ones. And most of them are away from their immediate families and I can only guess that loneliness can set in.

So, just making them feel special for one day, maybe can bring them some sort of normalcy to their lives. To me, they are super heros who deserve the very best.

First up, @Tuckerton Seaport presented these ladies with the cutest stroller from Joovy. It brought back so many memories to me because Winnie The Pooh was my youngest son’s favorite character!

IMG_2543 (1).jpg

Another great thing was the toys from @vikingtoys. It made me want to get down on the floor and start playing with some of the little kids that were there. Oh to be young again! The toys were a big hit for the moms and they were pretty much overwhelmed with all the generosity.


And, of course, there was a great lunch! Food is a necessity for a pregnant woman. Let’s face it, having all been there, when your stomach starts to gurgle, look out. I myself, not being pregnant, had 2 huge platefuls. Tuckerton Seaport knows how to feed their women. Kudos to them.

With the event ending and the women leaving, I realized something. That kindness and giving back is something that we as humans should do every day of our lives. Make someone feel valued and appreciated. Learn what their inner strengths are and embrace them!

To all the military moms and Tuckerton Seaport, thank you for this amazing opportunity. To Joey Fortman @realitymoms and to my fellow comrades, what a time we had!!