Mason Jars Come In Handy!


So this summer while I was off from work, I sat down and made a list. The list consisted of about 40 things I was going to accomplish. Yes, you read it right - 40.

This was going to be monumental for me because usually I am a total procrastinator. I pretend I am not, but I am. The list consisted mostly of going through my clothes and throwing out what didn't fit me. Then organize my closet, etc. You get the drift.

One day, to avoid the "infamous list", I decided to go to one of those "crafty" stores to walk around. LOL. Again with the avoidance. I left that store with about 30 mason jars!

They all were on sale and I am a total Jersey girl who loves a bargain. When I got home, the realization sank in that what the hell was I going to do with all these jars??

Well, I came up with this idea. My counter top was one that housed some of my utensils. They were a complete mess and there was no organization whatsoever. And I hated how it always looked disheveled.

So, what I did was quite easy. I painted each jar with chalk paint. This paint you can get in any paint store. The brand I used was found at Lowes.


I then took some sand paper and I slightly sanded in certain areas on the jars. I did the rims and the words so they would show on the jar. There really was no rime or reason. You could not make a mistake. Can I hear an amen??

At the store, I actually picked up a wood tray. I had measured how much I wanted a tray to sit on my counter. I used white chalk paint, but I did not sand as much. There is only very little sanding done in this step.

Once the paint had dried, I took the stencil I had also gotten. I placed it on the tray where I wanted it. I then proceeded to use a little sponge pen. I dipped the pen in brown chalk paint and there the word appeared.

There was so many words that you could choose from and since I knew I wanted to use it in the kitchen, "gather" made sense to me.

I then gathered all of my kitchen utensils ( that I really don't use all that much) and placed them in the jars. And there you have it - a cute organizational tool!

Well, at least I can check one thing off my list for the summer.  LOL.

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