Mustaches For Maddie!


Many of you may not know this, but I love to read! I am an avid reader and I can read 2 books a week without fail. It is a time for me to decompress from the day and it lets me breathe. The books take me away from the chaos of life. Moms out there, you get what I mean!

I recently was asked by Smith Publicity Inc. to read and review one of their books. I was excited and had no idea what to expect. Just the thought of being taken away to a foreign place or another time, gave me goosebumps.

The book I received was titled, "Mustaches For Maddie". It was a true story written by Chad Morris and Shelly Brown. It was a story about a 12 year-old girl who used her imagination and fake mustaches to try to fit in. In one instant, Maddie's world is turned upside down.

She is diagnosed with a brain tumor and needs surgery. A parent's worst nightmare and all you want to do is leap through the pages and hug them all.

This hit kind of close to home for me. As most of you know, my oldest son Casey is learning disabled and was special needs growing up. We lived in Philadelphia Children's Hospital on a regular basis. It is the most lonely place when you are experiencing adversity there and when your child is sick. There are no words.

What I found astonishing is how this little girl did not loose her spunk or imagination. Out of the mouths of babes! Maddie did not loose herself  because of her brain tumor. She did not give in to this terrible thing that was happening to her. Her light shone on.

That is what I taught Casey. Laughing and making fun of a bad situation is so much better than crying. Yes, there are days where you go to the dark side, but you can not linger there. You must grab that bright flashlight and find the joy.

The joy for Maddie was she found true friends and found that she had a lot of people cheering her on. My mom always said that you will see people's true colors when you are going through a bad time. Well, for Maddie her cup runneth over.

Read this book to your children to help them learn that nothing is ever that bad as long as you stay true to yourself. Cheers to you Maddie and your parents!!!

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