Why Some Moms Hate The Gyno!


We, as Moms, take our children to the doctors at the drop of a hat. We don't analyze or make excuses - we load them in the car and hit the road.

Well, what about us? Do we take care of our body like we do for our family? I don't know about you, but I can scream the word "NO" at the top of my lungs.

Why is that I wonder? There is one doctor that I totally despise going to. And that would be the dreaded gynecologist for me. The only time I quite enjoyed the visit there was when I was pregnant. The thought of carrying a wonderful living, breathing gift was so monumental.

But to just go there for your yearly visit was worse than pulling teeth for me. I thought maybe I was the freak who didn't like this doctor, but then I asked a couple of friends and I hysterically laughed.

Everything I was thinking, they had the same thoughts. I mean who despises someone who brings life into the world? What kind of idiot is that? What woman is afraid of their vagina?? From what I learned - there are a lot of us out there! LOL.

Here are some reasons why Moms hate the Gyno visit:

1. Those stupid robes - can they give us some satin robes to put on. I mean a woman's body is a wonderland. Hard fabric on our va-jay-jay is just not right.

2. "Slide on down and put your feet in the stirrups." - those are the words that send me into a spiral. First off, it is cold as hell laying on that table and there you are trying to get your self situated. And don't get me started about the stirrups. Couldn't they add heat to them somehow. 

3. Oh, then the worse starts. The doctor begins to talk. WTH! Questions like "What's new, How was your weekend, Any good dinner recipes lately, Looks like you gained a little weight?" Why??? Why can't they just get on with it and get me the hell out of there!!

4. Then, while their head is down in the area and you are so exposed - it is like they can see into your soul - they begin to tell you how you should take better care of yourself. A woman's health is very important. Okay, I get it. But one question I would love to ask - "Hey Doc, while your head is in my crotch, what do you see that makes you say that statement? Is my vagina not good enough?" 

I guess it is like that for men, when they feel the need to measure their penis.  LOL. So ladies, even if you hate "THE GYNO" like me, you do have to go!!  Just make sure your vagina looks fabulous and you will do great!!!

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