Old Hollywood Icons That Still Make A Mark On Society Today!

With all the negativity going on these days, let's take a breathe and go down memory lane. A lane that was once filled with high class and lots of parties. It didn't seem to matter what political party you belonged to, as long as you looked good. And of course, carried yourself well.

When I think of "Old Hollywood", I vision a time where class was oozing out of everyone's pores. The women of this time were always dressed impeccable, no matter what the hell was going on in their personal lives.

And like my mother used to say "Never throw any piece of clothing out because it will definitely come back."  Okay, mom let me put all this stuff away and let it come out smelling like mothballs. Lol.

These women set the bar so high that generations later, we are all still striving to be them. Articles in fashion magazines always seem to reference some of the "oldies".  Here are some that even to this day, looking at their pics, I wish I could just have a tenth of their style. And they always look effortless.

1. Audrey Hepburn - First off, that pixie cut was to die for. And "Breakfast With Tiffany" is enough said. Audrey was simple and classic and never seemed to be trying. Elegant in a black dress. She is probably the one who started the trend for ALWAYS having a simple black dress in the closet.

2. Marilyn Monroe - The official blonde bombshell. She opened the doors for the likes of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. Marilyn was a voluptuous woman who embraced her curves. Instead of hiding out in baggy clothes, she opted for tight fitting dresses. And let's be real - every man's tongue would fall out at the first glimpse of her. By being who she was, this phrase connects to her - being comfortable in your own skin.

3. Grace Kelly - A girl who became a princess. She was living a true Hollywood story. She introduced all of us to embrace your femininity. Grace had a presence about her that just oozed class. Whether it be in simple clothes or evening gowns. But what you find in past articles or pics is that Grace was never without jewelry.Her dresses from the past are still inspiring designers today for the red carpet.

So, I say to these ladies of "old" - thank you for reminding us women that as long as you have confidence and class, you can conquer the world. Even generations down the road!