The Higher The Ponytail - The Better The Day!

So all of us Moms can relate to this one definite thing - there will ABSOLUTELY be days filled with chaos and wanting to pull out your hair.  You will wake up with a knot in your stomach and think you can't get through another day.

You will wake up to a sink probably filled with dishes from the night before.  Too tired at the end of the day to load the dishwasher.  Let's be honest, the thought of housework after you have tucked the kids into bed (if they even go to bed) is not a turn - on.  You will avoid that dreaded sink at all costs.

The laundry room looks like a tornado went through it.  The bottom of the floor has not appeared for such a long time that you can not recall what color it is.  If you have to fold another pair of underwear, you are going to vomit.  LOL.

And getting the kids up and ready for school is like being in boot camp.  Listen, if you can handle getting beat up by your kids, the Marines are stupid for not calling on us!  Temper tantrums about clothes or what is packed for lunch can set the precedent for what the day will be like.

I heard this mantra this week from a fellow teacher and I loved it!!  It is "the higher the ponytail, the better the day!"  I started to hysterically laugh.

Then I had a thought.  This is probably so true because of this.  If you pull your hair tight on the top of your head,  just maybe something will happen.  All the negative thoughts will go out of the top of your head.

So, ladies grab a brush and an elastic tie.  Pull your hair high on top of your head and pull it through the tie.  And smile!!  Think Snow White and how she loved cleaning up for the 7 dwarfs.  She sang and looked beautiful.  And she had a ponytail!!!