5 Spring Cleaning Tips Your Mom Never Told You About!

 With the warm weather coming soon, it is time to open those windows and let the sun in.  Unfiltered Mom Kathy Chlan shares 5 Spring Cleaning Tips Your Mom Never Told You About.  You’ve got to try them to believe them.

  1. Stained clothes : Put the brakes on a new spring wardrobe. For stains, soak it in two-parts milk and one part white vinegar overnight.
  2. Clean the toilet with Kool – Aid: The citric acid will clean the toilet. Flush the toilet and put a pack in. Let sit overnight.   Don’t worry about stains; because it’s being used on a porcelain surface, the color won’t bleed.
  3. Use Newspaper instead of Paper Towels: While paper towels simply smear the oil, newspapers can penetrate it, making the glass shinier.
  4. Fight stains with toothpaste – Did your kid write on the wall again with crayon? Dab some toothpaste onto a damp napkin to wipe it out.
  5. Create a self-cleaning tub! No one enjoys dealing with mold and mildew that builds up in the shower, so add some booze to the equation Spray the area with vodka-its acids will cut right through the grime. Let the vodka sit for 10 minutes, then clean normally. It’ll cut down on scrubbing-big time.