5 Things You Learn From A Kid-Free Vacation!

So my husband and I went away for "Spring Break" to Punta Cana.  This is the first trip we have gone on in quite some time without the kids!  The last time I was away for "Spring Break", I unexpectedly entered a wet t-shirt contest.  Yes, that long ago.

I have absolute no recollection of that event and I don't even know if I placed or not.  To this day, my girlfriends tell me they swore till the day they die, they would not tell me what transpired.  Does not sound good, right?  LOL.

I was so excited to go away and just relax or as my son says, "Chillax".  WTH.  I have no problem doing that, but getting into another zone besides "Mom" zone could take awhile.  Getting into the "slut" zone is so foreign to me, that I can't even believe I rode that ride.  Yes, there was a lot of girls riding that ride along side me that plead the fifth.  Beware, I know who you are.  LOL.

The resort we stayed at was a 5-star resort and the beach was fabulous!  The food and the endless drinks were also a added bonus.  But, as I was lathering myself up with sunscreen, I realized something - quiet.  Silence galore, except for the slight breeze from the palm trees.  I was not gonna get scorched because I was gonna protect my skin.  Let's have a cheer from other mom's who always forget to put sunscreen on after the kids.

Here are 5 things I took back from this trip:

1.  It does not matter what you really look like in a bathing suit!!  Other couples are there for the same reason - to escape the chaos from home.  They are not looking at you.

2.  You can revert back to being who you were before you had kids.  You can look in the mirror and say "I am Woman" and feel truly confident.  That sexy outfit will be clean and without snots on it.

3.  You can TOTALLY ignore the clock.  Pull those covers over you and just lay there.

4.  You will DEFINATELY want to have sex with your husband without a bribe or you feeling sorry for him.  You will enjoy it.  Who would have thunk?

5.  The kids will be alive when you get home.  Their lives will have gone on and they will actually be excited to see you again.  Their arms will wrap around your neck and they are kissing you.  I was in awe of this.  

So, I say, whatever it takes - plan a vacation and reconnect!!  The drama and dysfunctional will meet you at the door as soon as you get home.  That would mean your kids!