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I am approaching a monumental age - yes I am gonna turn the dreaded big 5-0!  Yikes!!  With that said, I finally realized that I had to step up and take care of my skin and buy some good products.

I was always the mom who shopped in drugstores for my makeup while buying my personal product.  Tampons and lip gloss together.  A dream come true, right?  LOL.

I researched and asked around and came upon this fabulous website :  It was started by a girl named Jamie Kern Lima.  Jamie was a TV reporter and had a bad case of rosacea.

These products are incredible!!  I have a scar under my chin and have been very self-conscience about it.  Kiss that doubt away.  Finally when I laugh,  I can go full out and lift my chin!!  I have been soo sick of laughing with my face practically in my chest.

These are the 3 products I have bought ( and so gonna purchase others!):

1.  The Live, Love, Laugh Vitality Face Disc -  What a great name, right?  Inside is a bronzer, highlighter and blush.  Comes with directions on how to highlight and contour.  For those of us that are somewhat ignorant, this is key.

2.  CC+ Illumination Full Coverage Cream -  Find your tone and smile away.  It is foundation and cream combined.  My face feels like a babies bottom without diaper rash.  That alone makes me feel so young.

3.  Pink Lip Gloss - This makes your lips look dewey and fresh!  I can't keep my husband away from me.

So, ladies check it out.  I am telling you, you will not be disappointed and check out Jamie's story on the website!  So inspiring and paying it forward.  Enjoy!!!