Trendy Haircuts That Aren’t Trying Too Hard For Moms

I worked in the beauty industry for many years and have seen trends come and go. But for moms, we need to hold on to some trends that make our life a little easier.

For instance - the hair trends. We want haircuts that don't make us look like "mom". Kinda sounds a little weird since we are actually mothers. We have birthed these children and are raising them to be kind, successful adults. Fingers crossed right?

But that doesn't mean we should leave our "feminine and sexy side" at the door. Alright, some days that has to be a given when there is children fighting, food flying and constant chaos. When we are knee deep wearing our sweatpants in the war zone, blow dryers do not come to mind.

These 5 haircuts have stood the test of time and are always at the top of the beauty trends. Over the years, there maybe a slight variation to them, but they are the ones for us moms to look like we are not trying at all!!

1. LOB - Better known as the longer Bob. It's not super short, but DEFINATELY easy to maintain. It can still be worn in a pony if the warfare is too much to take. It can be worn straight or curly. This is the cut I have and I love it. No thought involved. I let mine air dry most of the time.

2. Sideswept Long pixie - It's not super short and is easy to deal with. This cut gives you a more youthful look and again can be air dried. Think about how you can save on your electric bill. Lol. People think short is not sexy, but I tend to disagree. Most men, when asked, say they love their wives necks. Pixie shows full view of your sexy neck.

3. Shag - This is shoulder length and the perfect cut. No muss, no fuss! This cut takes virtually no thought. The term "bed head" came from this cut. You can wear this curly or straight as well. Just tussle away ladies. 

4. Bob with Bangs - Adds a modern edge to the cut. Bangs also can hide a plethora of problems. Most women hate their foreheads because for some, it is the first place for those dreaded wrinkles to appear. Bangs provide a cover-up and make you look youthful again.

5. Long Layered with Bangs -  Think "rocker girl". This is the cut I am striving for. You can do a lot with this cut. Wear it up or down, braided, put it in a bun or just let it hang loose. Just one thing not to do - don't let it get too long or scraggly. Then you look like the old lady living in the wilderness.

Lastly, just embrace with being who you are. And remember you do not have to wash your hair everyday! That is a myth. If you are looking for a new style for 2017, happy hair hunting and take a risk! It grows back.