How Moms Should Survive The Holidays Without Loosing Their Crap!

With the pumpkins and corn stalks put away, there is another time of year quickly approaching.  This is one that has a lot of meaning and is very festive, but can also make steam come out of every mothers ears.

As you drive down your streets, you will see houses decorated with the colors of red and green.  These houses will be so bright, that it will take you a minute to see what all the decorations actually are.

During this time, you are encouraged to make incredible memories for your family.  But to be completely honest - the holidays are friggin exhausting.  You feel like you are in this vacuum and  every piece of you is being sucked out.  You are way too busy to "stop and smell the roses" to realize that the time is slipping away.

And then your kids hand you their "wish list". With a smile on your face, you look it over and begin to analyze when and how you will accomplish this dreaded task of making our kids extremely happy.

Well, I say this to you - just breathe!!  Over the years of being in total chaos, I would have all these expectations of what the holidays should look like. But in fact, they would end up being the complete opposite and I would feel like a failure.

So, here are a few tips to let you off the hook:

1. Put away that dreaded Elf On The Shelf! Tell your kids that yours went to a family in need. You have enough to keep track of and to have to remember to move that stupid thing every day is useless! Let it go.

2. Pick just a few things from their lists. Set a number and don't go past it. It is okay they don't get EVERY thing on their list. It doesn't make you a bad parent. It will teach them that life doesn't always give you everything you want. Be strong.

3. Don't try to get creative with gifts. You don't have to be that mom that makes all her kids gifts. It is okay if you are not June Cleaver or Carol Brady. Look at their "wish list". 

4. When fights begin to erupt between the kids, know it is absolutely because of exhaustion. They have been running around and have been going full steam. Set up a plan of giving extra TV time or one dollar if they can change a cry into laughter.  Yes, bribery works and you heard it right.

5. Homemade desserts seem to be the best thing about the holidays. No worries! Go to a store such as Costco and buy some dessert. Take them out of the box and put them on nice trays. These desserts will be the hit of the party and no one will be the wiser!!

Most of all - just take a breathe and take in all that is beautiful around you. If these tips don't help there is always wine!!!!   Happy holidays and just remember that you will survive.