Valentine's Day Gift Ideas and Crafts For The Kids

    With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, it’s never too early to start thinking about gift ideas and crafts the kids to do. Unfiltered Mom Kathy Chlan has a few ideas that include gifts for kids, gifts for your partner, and crafts:

  1. Adult Coloring Books for Mom: Since most moms have trouble going to sleep, an adult coloring book is a health way to unwind, blow off steam, and relax after a long day of running around.
  2.  Create a personalized book: offers excellent templates for your personalized book gift. Don’t just tell them how much you love them, show them.
  3. Craft for kids: Cut out paper hearts and tape reasons why you love them on it.
  4. Date Box: Fill out 12 pieces of paper and write one idea for a date night. Fold it up and put in a little envelope.  Number the envelope.  Each month pick an envelope.  Pick a week before so if you have to make plans you have time to plan and get a babysitter.  All couples need time together and you won’t have to think.  You did the work prior.
  5. Poppers for the kids:  Instead of Valentine Day cards, use paper towel roll or toilet paper roll.  Fill with candy and wrap with wrapping paper.  Tie the ends with curling ribbon and shake.  The kids love it.