"What's Poppin Moms?" - Activewear

So every week, I am gonna focus on what is trending or popping.  For moms, we are so busy and are lucky to see what is going on in the world around us!

Today, what is "popping" is hysterical to me.  Ready for this - no one is active in activewear.  LOL. First off, who are they talking about?

The internet is abuzz with the fact that woman are wearing activewear and not being "active".  How could they!  They are going shopping, having coffee with friends, or even going to the movies in these outfits.  How could these women go out in public looking like this.

Well, first off, if I could look great in activewear, I would so wear it.  I actually look like a stuffed sausage.  Myself and most of my friends probably don't even know where to buy "activewear".  

I realize that this is a parody and I chuckled watching it.   But here is a list of reasons why I agree with why these women are wearing them.

1.  Going shopping -  let's face it, trying on clothes is horrendous, especially those lovely mirrors from the carnival they put in the dressing rooms.  To be able to get out of your clothes fast is awesome.  Activewear provides that luxury.

2.  Coffee with friends - just being dressed after the kids go to school is miraculous.  So what if you have comfy clothes on.  And the fact, you can go commando in those pants is a success.

3. Seeing a movie -  first off, it's dark and who the hell is looking at you.  Plus, with how comfortable you are, the more popcorn you can consume.  And if you have butter dripping down your shirt, no bother.  It's not one of your "evening" outfits.  LOL.

So, I say enjoy activewear and all the joys from wearing it.  For me, the joy of being able to go commando outweighs the stuffed sausage reference made earlier.  Plus, I like the thought of being a dirty girl.  LOL.  

By the way, where can I buy it?