Stress - Free Guide To Reading For Kindergarten

For first-time parents, kindergarten is a major milestone. It is the beginning of their child’s education journey and they are beyond stressed out. To that, Unfiltered Mom Kathy Chlan says ‘Chill out and grab a glass of wine”. 

Here are 5 tips you can do at home to help your child read,

1. Encourage make-believe. This will help children learn and use new words.
2. Take turns telling tales. – This will help them understand characters. Keep it clean parents!
3. Use “juicy words”. Don’t just use simple words. Like instead of picture use photograph. No curse words allowed.
4. Read a book every night.
5. Keep a soundtrack going. Believe it or not, songs teach kids rhyming skills. as long as it is not something like AC/DC or Def leopard.