Fat Shaming - When The Hell Is It Gonna Stop??

Singer/Songwriter Pink had something to say to some fat shamers.  The response was awesome!  She told them she looked and felt beautiful and that her dress was fabulous!  Pink said her husband said there is more booty to grab and he LOVES it!!

Pink and her husband stepped out Saturday night to attend the John Wayne 30th Odyssey Ball to support a friend receiving an award for her contributions in the fight against cancer.

When is this criticism of women's bodies gonna stop.  I totally can not stand it.  We should be supporting each other and lifting each other up.  I really don't understand it.

I thought this crusade was mostly coming from men, but I think it is coming also from women.  We need to celebrate our bodies and stop with the fat shaming.  What is this teaching young girls?

We are showing girls that looks are the most important thing about a woman.  That is a horrible lesson to teach them.  

It should be about what type of person you are on the inside.  It should be about your heart and what footprint you will be leaving on the world.  Not about what size you are!! 

We should be following what the recent Cinderella movie says.  Her mother told her to "Have courage and be kind".  Now that means something.

So to all the young girls out there - Embrace your looks and stop looking in the mirror!  Always remember there is NO ONE else like you in the world.

Unless you are a an identical twin like me.  2 for the price of one.  Lucky world - not.  LOL.