Kudos To Autism - Comedy Central's Night Of Too Many Stars!

Comedy Central's Night Of Too Many Stars joined together to benefit autism and the show rocked it out!  What rocked it, was a chorus of 7 kids with autism.

One in 68 children are diagnosed with autism.  Night of Too Many Stars has raised $18 million dollars since 2006 to benefit people with autism, primarily through education.

To watch these kids on stage, you can't but get up on your feet for a standing ovation.  Families with children with autism, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, kids on the spectrum and even kids who are mentally ill, have NO idea what it takes to do this.

This is monumental and if I was sitting in the audience, they would have definitely heard the screams coming from my big mouth!!

To these kids parents -  Know that they are a gift and they have shown it to the world.  Kudos to them!!!   

One of last year's performers, Jodi DiPiazza and "Weird Al" Yankovic perform "Yoda".  The girl upstages him and I say, "Hell yeah!".  Enjoy the video.