Fifty Shades Of Grey - Sleep Or Crazy Sex???

So I read all 3 books in The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.  I was soo excited when movie execs decided to put the story on screen.  I counted down the days!

Reading those books, takes you away from all the chaos that is our lives as "Moms".  To go on a fantasy ride with 2 people who don't seem to have a care in the world was fabulous!

Boy, was I wrong!  Those books put soo much pressure on us women to our husbands!  Did we need to add porn star to our job description.  Men around the world were cheering about those books.  They thought that their wives would be answering the door in lingerie and whips and chains attached to them.  Think again boys.

Then, the movie came out.  I began to read the reviews and boy were some of them bad.  They thought the casting wasn't good and the scenes that were supposed to be phenomenal were not.  Totally fell flat.  I haven't even bothered to go.  Some of my girlfriends attended screenings and texted me saying "Don't waste your time".

Some women were bored with it.  My one girlfriend laughed at the infamous sex scenes.  Who would have thought!!  After some thinking, I came up with the answer to my own question, "Sleep or crazy sex?"

I opt for Sleep with 2 nights a month for crazy sex.  Forget about Fifty Shades Of Grey, now I'm gonna have to fantasize about something else!  And to those women, who enjoyed it, I am sure there will be many babies born 9 months from now!!!