My Christmas Gifts To My Husband!

So with the holidays coming, my friends are scrambling to buy their husbands presents.  I watch the anxiety all over their faces and I just sit back and watch.

First off, my thought is, they buy what they need all year round.  And you really have the kids to focus on.  I am not a good multi-tasker and can only handle a few jobs at a time.

You see all these commercials on TV and all the beautiful ads in the newspapers and online.  How much do you spend and what is a reasonable gift for the man you are going on this journey with.

The man who has seen you at your absolute worst - snots running down your face after a hard day with the kids, fighting with family, getting on the scale and realizing your body is not the same it was in your twenties.

Let's face it, most families have a budget for Christmas.  So, do you jip one kid out of a gift.  Get real!  There would be a meltdown like no other if one kid got more from Santa than the other!

So, I say to you ladies out there pulling your hair out for a gift for your husband.  Take a breath and read on.  I came up with these "gifts" or rather "promises" for my husband after a long meditation session.  Lol.

Here are my gifts for the love of my life:

1.  There will be no more frozen Stouffer's dinner cooked and placed in my own cookware.  No credit will be taken for a home cooked meal.  I will learn to cook.

2.  There will be a "romantic" night guaranteed once a week even if I am comatose.  A thong will be placed on and hope nothing falls out.  So, he will not have to poke his eyes out.

3.   Limit my "honey-do" list and just realize that my house will never be placed in a Home & Garden magazine.

4.  I will stop listening at the door of my kids therapy session.  I don't need to hear "All Mom does is nag, nag, nag."  And realize I will owe the therapist for the rest of my life.  Even if it is not a job well done!

5.  I will limit my bedtime activity to one glass of wine.  This way I will be saving the environment by having to recycle less!!

In all honesty, the thought of these "gifts" gives me ajada.  To say I will not follow through with these are an understatement!!  But, my husband, I guess, appreciates the effort.  Isn't it the thought that counts??

So, happy holidays to all!  I am guzzling my last bottle of wine as we speak!!!