Homework Helping Or Not? - What's Poppin Moms!

As an Instructional Aide in a self-contained kindergarten class and a Mom to a special needs kid, this is hard for me to answer and not look like a real jerk.  LOL.

Most Moms are so wiped out by the end of the day that the thought of homework makes them ill. I don't know about the rest of you, but I barely got through school doing my own homework.  Let's just say that kindergarten was my best grade.

There is so much that these kids need to know now and I understand why they get overwhelmed. But, it is something that is a part of our kids lives at least for elementary, middle, high school, and hopefully college years.  So, strap on those boots!

Here are a few tips to survive the dreaded word "HOMEWORK":

1.  Remember it is their job to do their homework.  It is their responsibility and not yours.

2.  Give up the expectations that their homework has to be perfect.  As long as the kids do it themselves, they feel successful.

3.  Making mistakes is the way they are gonna learn.

4.  Have them do their homework where you can see them, so if they need help, you are right there.

5.  Don't stress them out.  This will not make it fun for them.

Just to let you all know, I couldn't do half of my kids' homework.  I am not that bright.  LOL.  So, my vote is "Let them do it on their own, but check that it is done only.  Do not correct the mistakes!".

Then, just drink.  I mean having to go through school again WTH.

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