Kids With Special Needs Going Back To School - Just Breathe!

Most Moms are sooo excited for summer to be over.  Youtube shows videos of Moms dancing and lining the streets cheering as the bus pulls up to get their kids.

But for Moms with special needs kids, this could be a nightmare.  These feelings of dread usually start the night before.

When my son Casey would start school after the summer, I would just pray that he would get on the bus. That there would be no meltdowns or tears, just smiles.  Yeah right!

Believe me there is light at the end of the tunnel!  It was years before there was calm.  Whatever you do, never loose sight that they are okay.

When Casey was in elementary school, the "little" bus would pick him up.  (I hate that word!  Years ago, that is what they called it.  Now, they call it a van).  There was a little girl named Natalie who sat across from him.

As I watched,  Natalie would help him with the seat belt and sit back down in her seat.  I have no idea how she did this, because he would be screaming and crying at the top of his lungs.  I had neighbors come out to see what was going on.

This went on until Christmas.  Every morning I would suck my coffee down and hope to God I didn't puke.  Casey ripped my heart out every morning.  One day, Natalie looks at me and whispers, "You know he stops as soon as we get to the top of the street and then he starts clapping.  So, you can relax".  LOL.

Are you kidding me???  I wanted to kill Casey.  Learning disabled my butt.  The kid had manipulation down pat!

So, parents here are a few tips that I have learned:

1.  Talk to your child positively.  Be chirper all the time even if you don't feel it.

2.  Know that just because they are having a meltdown, does not mean you are not doing the right thing for them.

3.  Try not to get overwhelmed.  Kids can pick up on stress like no other.  When they smell weakness - look out.  

4.   Most important, give yourself a break.  Take the pressure off!!

Every kid is different and every parent is different.  My philosophy is laugh.  I feel laughing is sooo much better than crying.  Doesn't mean I haven't done plenty of that!!  LOL.  Find what gets you through the day and use it.

Just to let you know, after Natalie informed me about Casey, I would stand and wave to him.  In my hand,  would be the biggest doughnut and smile you ever saw.