Get Ready To Shop - Easy Fall Fashion Trends

So, the kids are off to school and it is  "the cleaning out of the closet" time for all Moms.  Yikes!

I realize after every summer,  I start looking in my closet to see what I have for the Fall and I want to throw up.  Cause I definately know that NOTHING is gonna fit me.  I have consumed alcohol and alot of junk food sitting on the beach.  LOL.

The only good thing this Fall is some of the trends.  These trends can sooo look good on every woman and are comfortable.  That is magic to us when we can feel and look good.

Here are just a few essentials for Fall  and ones I think Moms can wear:

1.  The Speckeled Pullover - This is usually black and white.  It comes in a V-neck or round collar.  It looks great over a pair of leggings and boots.

2.  Substantial Sweater - This one is a dream.  Doesn't matter what color, but make sure it looks oversized on you. Absolutely can not wear it tight because then it takes away the effect of wearing your boyfriend's sweater.

3.Smock dress -  This trend was in the summer also, which makes it great.  You can recycle what you already have.  Pair it with a cardigan and boots and you have a great easy look.  Also, not tight!

4.  Annie Hall Trousers - This one made me a little nervous.  But after trying them on, I love them.  You look chic and they hide a plethora of flaws.

5.  Sweater Dress - This one can go from day to night.  Pair it with boots and then slip on those heels at night.  Also, there is sooooooo many varieties and you can't go wrong with any of them.

And just remember to cut yourself a break!  We know we are sooo not supermodels, but we can look damn good too.  Okay, I guess I have to put the gallon of ice cream away!!