Workin 9 to 5 - What a Way To Make A Livin

Well, my youngest son is now in North Carolina at college and my husband says to me " Well, don't you think it is time?"  I reply " Huh?"

I know EXACTLY what he is talking about.  It is time for me to get the dreaded "full-time job".  LOL.  I actually have been waiting for this moment for 22 years. ( My oldest son is 21).  I consistently dreamed about it when my kids were throwing up or having temper tantrums!  It was my "happy place".

So, it is here.  I sit down and write down things I am qualified to do (even though I have a Journalism degree from Rutgers University).

1.  Embrace chaos.

2.  Clean up throw-up and poop.

3.  Drive a car like nobody's business.

4.  Answer the question "Why?" about a zillion different ways.

5.  Whip up dinner in an instant and never know what ingredients you actually used.

6.  Understand Doctor's lingo, even though I don't have a medical degree.

These were just a few.  I think impressive, but don't think employers will.

When something comes about that you have been fantasizing about ( minds out of the gutters ladies), don't run away from it.  So, I am running towards it!  Didn't have to run far.  Thank God for that cause I can't even make it to the end of my driveway!

I got a call and am going to be a teacher's aide in an autistic class of first and second graders.  It is the school system my oldest son in special education went through.  Full-circle, I guess.  LOL.  Since I screwed up one special needs kid, I guess I will share the wealth.  Only kidding!