Dog Days of Summer- Where Did All the Kids Go???

>Hello, World!

As I have gotten older, I have come to a few conclusions about the kids today.  I mean I could go on forever, but I'll just start with a few.

In the dark ages (when I grew up),  you couldn't wait for summer to arrive.  You started marking on the calendar in March how many more days till break.

Second, you were NEVER inside.  From the time you got up, till the street lights came on, you were out.  Games like kick the can, kickball, tag, baseball and many other games were played everyday.  There was no so-called "playdates".  

And most of all, no kid was left out.  If your mother ever found out you excluded someone, you better run for the hills!

The day was ALWAYS filled with activity and most of all, it was free.

I feel bad for the kids today growing up.  Everything is structured and you always have to be the best.  God forbid you worked at getting better at something.  You had to be good at it already.

The pressure these kids feel must be horrible.  We as parents want our kids to be successful, but at what cost??  Is it the cost of just being kids and a simpler time?

I say for the summer, tell your kids to put the cell phones down and pick up a ball or a can.  If they say no, just tell them you are gonna call Grandma and tell on them!  Let an old-timer handle it.