Little White Dress for Summer!

I am sooo excited for summer!  I am sick of coats and closed shoes and scarves and jackets. So, goodbye to it all.

The most popular trend this summer for women of all ages is the LWD.  Most of us are like, "What does that stand for.  I am lucky to remember my name, now I have to remember this crap."  Lol.  LWD is little white dress.

Okay, I hear the moans galore.  Most women feel they don't look good in white, because unlike black, white shows every crease and crack.  I say we embrace those wrinkles and crack.  We earned them.

Bu, there is a trick to wearing white.  It is sooo simple.  Get a tan!  When you look like the sun reached down and kissed you., people won't even notice your backside.  Plus, putting on some spanx helps!!!

I say check out Old Navy.  Most of their dresses are around $40 and are pretty good quality.  Just because we don't have layers on anymore, doesn't mean we shouldn't feel good about ourselves.

Embrace your inner goddess and just don't eat for a week before you put on that little LWD.