Cut it Or Not?

So another celebrity has taken the plunge.  She CUT it.  Kaley Cuoco from CBS show, "The Big Bang Theory" cut her hair into an adorable pixie cut.

 Working in the beauty industry for years, women used to come into the hair salons I worked at, and would say, "Do whatever you want.  I don't have time for this".  I always thought they were soo courageous.

 Change for women is hard.  We get set in our ways and become lax with our appearance.  Everything takes a back seat!!  Well, I say ENOUGH!

 We have to start caring about what we look like.  We are the stars of our own sitcoms and should be treated as such. So, forget the laundry and the dirty diapers and the food stuck to your shirt, take a risk!  

Start slow.  Pick one day a week and get  "sexed out"  as I like to call it.  Do your hair , put on some makeup and a great outfit.  Walk around like you are a celebrity - that in itself is taking a risk!  Just remember you will be back to the daily grind in a few hours.

For these celebrities and beautiful people out there, I have learned one thing.  Here it is - you put your pants on the same way I do.