Happy Mother's Day!! Oh joy!

I woke up this morning to 5 carnations and a dozen roses from my two boys.  How cute right?  My husband begins to laugh and says to Casey and Christian,  "Why don't I tell your mother about why she got 2 different flower arrangements".


I was running errands on Saturday and my husband tells the boys that Mother's Day is tomorrow and they need to go get me a gift.  Casey says "Let's get Mom flowers" and Christian agrees.  They leave and are back in like 10 minutes my husband says.  They walk up to the porch with  5 carnations.  My husband looks at the price tag and it says $4.99.  LOL.  Casey says "We split it".


Their father says to them " So, $2.50 each is all your Mother is worth?"  No response. They just stand there looking at each other.  Christian says to Casey, " I guess we could go a little higher".  You think????  Gee thanks.  I felt like they were bidding on something and didn't want to extend their limit.  


My husband says one is dumber than the next.  I sooo should go to ancestry.com and check out my gene pool.