One Trick To Survive The Holidays!

Okay, so "Turkey" day is upon us.  The table is set and the shopping is done!

If that is the truth, I will kiss the ground you walk on.  I still have to go shopping!!  And I know I will be jamming my cart into the backs of people clogging the aisles!  Oh Well.

But as I have gotten "wiser" in my old age, I have learned an important lesson.  To survive the family tensions and the "mother-in-law", there is one thing to do.

DO NOT HAVE ANY EXPECTATIONS!!!  Let the perfect table go,  the delicious food, and most of all - the well-behaved kids.  LOL!

If the food stinks and the turkey tastes like cardboard and the table looks all mismatched and total chaos is erupting in the kid arena - I say "Who cares".  This is so not the most important.

What is important is not the "image" of the perfect family, but the "imperfect" one.  The family with all its quirks and dysfunctions!  I say, "Take a deep breath and dive right in".

Happy Thanksgiving and hope all your expectations don't come true.  All aboard the "Dysfunction Train".