Letting Go Of That Perfect Child - Embracing A Special Needs One

Is there really a perfect child?  Is there one that never has to deal with failure?  Well, I say "Who cares!"

Casey is my oldest son and is now 22 years old.  When he was little, all I did was compare him to my friend's kids.  Well, that was the biggest mistake I could ever do.

Casey is a special needs child and would never do what my friend's kids did or it would take him a hell of a lot longer to do them.  He still can't ride a bicycle, but he can make us laugh.

I realized that he was a gift for me and I LOVED raising a child who was different and was quirky.   He made us laugh everyday!

I have learned over the years these few things that will help.  When you feel that you are at your darkest and you have had the worst day, remember these few things.

1.  Let it go in one ear and out the other.  When your friend's are talking about their kids accomplishments, just smile and nod.  Your kid's accomplishment is just as important.  Getting on the bus with no meltdown is monumental!

2,  Know that God gave him or her to parents that could handle them and do the right thing for them.

3.  Special needs kids are the strongest kids you will ever meet!!!  Put yourself in their position where learning is hard and you have no friends and have trouble socializing.  These kids put their heads down and get on with it.  They just want to meet their goals and feel successful.

And last, but not least, my favorite!!

Anyone can raise a "normal" kid, but to raise one that is "abnormal" is absolutely SPECTACULAR!!!

If this doesn't help, you can still chug down a glass of wine!