Hairstyles for the Right Shape Face

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We,  as women, when we have a great hair day - the world is FABULOUS!!  It sounds sooo superficial, but it is the truth.

As you are doing laundry, cleaning up throw up off of your shirt, you start to fantasize about what your life was like before.  You would wear great outfits (Ones that made you look slender and sexy) and your hair always was coiffed right.  Well, let us talk about the 4 face shapes and what styles would look good with them.

1. Oval - any hairstyle would look great.  From a pixie cut to a Bob to long and flowing.

2. Round - this shape is where your face is a little wider than longer.  The Bob style is the best and blunt bangs work also.

3. Heart - Reese Witherspoon has this shape.  This is where you have prominent cheekbones.  Shoulder length is both flattering and looks great.

4. Square - Angelina Jolie has this shape and the best style is one that has long layers.  That is probably why you will NEVER see her cut her hair short.

When you go get your haircut, ask your stylist what shape face you have.  Always know this because trends will change and soo will styles.  You want to know where you fit in.