Hair Loss And What To Do

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So recently I have noticed that the drain in the shower is clogged with hair.  At first, I thought "Who the hell is loosing their hair?"  Well, helloo - it's me.  As a woman, that is a blow to our self esteem.  The only thing I want to loose is weight - I have been trying for 21 years (that is the age of my oldest).  LOL.  Here are  some tips below that I have found to help with this.

1.  Make sure to take vitamins every day.  A daily vitamin for women like One a Day is great.

2.  Invest in some hair vitamins.  I take hair vitamins called Natural Well-being and I find it has helped.

3.  Eat right and drink 8 glasses of water.  I used to HATE to hear the Supermodels say that is all they did to look fabulous, but it does work.

4.  If you still feel like your hair is thinning, invest in some clip-in hair extensions.  Stores like Sally's Beauty Supply and Ulta sell these.  Most are $49.99

I know beauty comes from the inside, but when you have a GREAT hair day, everything falls into place. Does that sound vain???