Easy Fall Outfits

Can't believe Fall is here!!  Wish the summer was still here because I hate having to put on coats.  I feel fat enough and not need the "layering" as stylists always say.  Have you ever noticed that stylists are like soooooo skinny??  What is up with that.  Is the prerequisite not to eat?  LOL.

Well, I found working in the beauty industry, just to take certain things and make it easy for you. A comfy sweater is always good and a cream color makes your skin pop.  Especially if you put on a nice red lip color.  Look out!  Next, a cool scarf around your neck.  I love this cause it hides my sagging neck.  Third, a cool pair of boots in a neutral color.  Make sure the boots are comfortable for you.  Sometimes I find that they look good and are reasonably priced, but after the first wear, they KILL my feet.  Invest in one pair. A great bag to compliment the outfit, but most of all, to hold all the junk we as Moms have to carry.

ALWAYS remember you don't have to look frumpy.  You can pick outfits that are comfortable, yet are totally stylish!