Fab Fall Coats

I am soooo excited about this new Fall trend.  I just LOVE color and in the Fall I hate just wearing grey and black.  This new trend is - PINK coats!!  Love the color and it is honoring survivors of breast cancer without realizing it.

The streets of Hollywood are lined with celebrities wearing pink - Katie Holmes and Lea Michelle.  Most women are probably thinking "who gives a crap!".  But let's be real - what the celebrities wear, we want to wear.  If they look good in it, so will we!  That is their business to always look chic and stylish.

So whether we like it or not, Hollywood sets the trends.  And just think if you are having a bad day - laundry out your butt, kids throwing up, the house is a mess - you have to run an errand and you put on that FABULOUS PINK coat.  Damn you look good and feel good!!!  But remember, you have to go back home - but don't rush!!!