A Dewy Face

Since Moms are sooooo busy with life in general -  doesn't mean we don't want to look good.  But we have limited time at our disposal.  Since I work in the beauty industry, I am ALWAYS looking for tips that are easy for busy Moms.  Okay, if you want your face to have that dewy, beautiful look, here is a tip.  You need one product!  You need a highlighter to illuminate your face.  It can be creme or powder.

3 tips for a beautiful face is:

1. Contour

2.  Highlight

3. Illuminate

Bobbi Brown sells a spectacular product that will do all 3.  It is called "Bobbi Brown Illuminating Finish Powder. " I use it and LOVE  it.  Even when I have not slept a wink, I put that on and I feel like a supermodel!  Okay, maybe not a supermodel, but definately human.  Stay tuned next week for another beauty tip and remember to enjoy the "Glam Life".