Bob Haircut

Boy, when we as women have a bad hair day - it sets the tone for the WHOLE day. And especially as Moms we soo forget about ourselves!

I have worked in the beauty industry for years and I have learned a few things. The haircut that is best for the busy Mom and still looks sexy is the "Bob". It still gives you medium length hair and is easy to style. To make it look sexy for a night on the town ( yeah I'm sure that rarely happens - but we can pretend) is to give it some waves. Take a big barrel curling iron and twist hair around it. Does not have to be perfect and could look like you got out of bed - hence the word "bed head". In my house, when my husband and boys hear the blow dryer go off and the words "God damn it" come out of my mouth, they run for the hills. LOL.

Just cause we are changing diapers, cleaning up vomit, doing smelly laundry etc, does not mean we don't want to embrace our womanhood!!