Justin Bieber - Are You Kidding Me????

Just read an article about how Justin Bieber was making fun of someone trying to overcome their addiction. All I can say is - SHAME on you!!

What makes you think that you are sooo much better than this man? Where the hell is your Mother, cause you too need an intervention big time. Justin Bieber you are a bully. To me, bullies are just kids who think their shit don't stink. But to all the bullies out there remember one thing - Karma is a bitch!! As a society, we make these celebrities into Gods and think they are soo perfect. Well, they are not. My older son has special needs and another who does not. The younger one read the article and said " That kid needs his ass kicked". I applaud my son. To the people who buy his music and think "The Biebs" is great. Stop and think for a minute. How would you like it if someone makes fun of you. Addiction is a serious issue today. Justin shouldn't make fun cause he is headed down that road.

Enjoy your career now because it is sooooooo going in the toilet.