I Want To Look Red Carpet Ready!

So, last night was the Emmy's. I LOVE this show more than the Oscar's, cause I find TV stars are more real than movie stars. Let's face it - most women watch this to see who looks good and to look at the gorgeous men in their tuxedos!

I thought the fashion was awesome!! Julie Bowen from the show "Modern Family" looked spectacular! That pink gown was stunning. The men didn't look half bad either! Love Matt Damon - always dapper!!! I was THRILLED that Jim Parsons won an Emmy for his role as Sheldon on the "The Big Bang Theory". Everytime I watch him, I have to make sure I wear my depends. I literally almost pee my pants laughing and you ladies, who have had children, KNOW what I am talking about. As I was sitting there last night, I had a revelation.

If I had a stylist, hair stylist and makeup artist, I could look glam and Red Carpet ready everyday. I would how much they make and could I afford one? Oh, a girl can dream can't she??? LOL.