Am I Really Gonna Die Unloading The Dishwasher - WTF?


So last week I was unloading the dishwasher.  All of a sudden it felt like someone punched me in the heart and then someone was sitting on my chest.  I slid down the cabinets and couldn't breathe.  As I sat there one thought came to mind - Am I REALLY gonna go this way?

Why I say that and make light of it is simple.  I am sooooo not domesticated and the kitchen is my least favorite room in the house.  LOL.  I HATE to cook and I make no bones about that.  My family cringes everytime I do a new recipe.   I went to the hospital in an ambulance and had a ton of tests done.  It seems it might have been a virus around the muscles of my heart.  I feel sooo much better.  I am writing this cause as Moms we tend to loose ourselves!  We have to be a little selfish and teach our kids to follow their dreams and never give up.

Live life to the fullest and carpe diem!!!  That being said , I want to do something on my bucket list - jump out of an airplane!  Whose with me?