Innocence Lost


After what happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon, I am totally devastated for all the victims and their families. What is happening to this world we live in? I especially feel bad for all the children - What a time to grow up in.

When I was growing up, we never had to worry about terrorist attacks or kids going into school and shooting other kids. We went outside in the morning and came home when the street lights came on. There was kick ball games, hide and seek and kick the can. Nowadays, it seems that kids need to know a lot more "adult" stuff than we ever had to. That is sooo sad to me - when do they get to just be kids. I tried to put a spin on it for my 17 year-old son who said "What the hell is wrong with people". He couldn't believe something like this was happening again. I told him that in bad and horrific times, peoples' true colors come out. Yesterday, that happened! Others just starting helping the victims without thinking about themselves. Heros were made!!! No matter what is thrown at this country and no matter what political views you have, when push comes to shove Americans unite and stand strong! My prayers are with everyone from Boston.

I have listened to therapists on the news about what to say to kids. I, as a mom, say just tell the little ones the truth. Tell them bad guys did something AWFUL, but the good guys stood up to them.