Are Coaches Too Hard on Kids?

I am A Rutgers graduate and it saddened me about what went on this week. I could not believe the video I watched and saw how the basketball coach treated those boys - or rather men. I can't even say his name. I am soooo surprised nobody laid him out. LOL.

One thought comes to mind for me and some of you may totally disagree with this. I feel the coaches who verbally abuse and humiliate kids, are the ones who never made it themselves. These coaches are giving a bad name to the many who are EXTRAORDINARY and make a difference in kids lives. Shame on them. At any age, a coach can make or break an athlete. They have been given a gift to change a kids life and his or her's self-esteem. When a kid feels they can't go to their coaches and ask them how they can improve, that's a problem. On another note, I do feel bad sometimes for the coach. There are many parents out there who live through their children and view it as a second chance they have to shine. One comment I have - GET A LIFE. I have always felt that whatever a kid accomplishes in his or her sports career is theirs. It is their journey and no one elses! Parents are not on the field making the plays or not making the plays. What really grosses me out is the parents who berate the kids when they come off the field. I say back off!

I am sooo not saying it should always be sugar and spice. I think a a good coach knows how to get his point across and make his opinion known without pushing, shoving or getting in their faces. I do have a confession to tell though. My son Christian plays football and I always loved when the coach yelled something from the sidelines. But, I know it was with love!