Kids Play Outside - Run From Social Media


I recently read that various reports suggest that 83% of youth use their phones for emails & texting. That number makes me very sad! I know society says that or implies that to get ahead in the business world, you need Facebook, Twitter, etc. But, what happened to good old face to face conversations.

When I was growing up (which was in the Ice Age), we would be outside from the time breakfast was over till when the street lights came on! We played baseball, kick the can, hide and go seek and just had fun. Recently, my husband and I were at a party with our boys. We were sitting watching a teen boy and girl on the couch with their phones in hand. My husband and I are watching them texting. After they texted, the girl would look at the boy and the boy would put his head down and begin texting and vice versa. I asked my son Christian "What are they doing?". Christian says, "They are having a conversation." WTF! Are you kidding me! This is what we as parents are raising and we should be proud of this. What happens when these kids go for jobs or run our country someday. Are they even gonna remember how to speak. We as parents have to turn the tide and limit the use of all this social media.

These kids must be in overdrive. We need to take more action and limit their time. We need to have their passwords and know what their facebook page looks like. I always tell my husband I am glad I grew up in a different time. My husband always tells my boys to go outside and find something to do. They stand there with blank expressions on their faces. I whisper to my husband "Maybe they don't know what outside is." I hope my two won't have jobs with power someday. LOL.