Famous TV Moms and the Truth!


Growing up, I watched "The Brady Bunch" and was hopefully in love with Peter. I even think I had a poster of him in my room. LOL. I was soooo jealous that these 6 kids got a Mom that seemed to never raise her voice and rarely did you see them get grounded. I wanted to jump into the TV and live there permanently.

Carol Brady never seemed to have a bad day and wanting to lock herself in the bathroom. I mean she did have Alice to do the laundry and the cooking, so basically what the hell did she have stress from! Now, that I am a Mom, I have fully changed my mind about Carol. In the show, where Peter throws the football and hits Marcia in the face (by the way, that was the best. I hated Marcia - Marcia Marcia Marcia), lets be real. If it was real life, I think Carol would have pulled Peter in the back room with Alice and beat the crap out of him. They would have tag teamed him. Hysterical. Another Mom who I liked was June Cleaver. But again, my feelings have changed. I personally think June was a closet drinker and that is why she was sooo calm and nice. She was self medicating and could care less what "The Beav" was doing, along with his brother. June probably didn't remember what her boys names actually were - I mean you call the kid Beav? The point of this revelation for me is we as Moms do not have to be PERFECT!

Embrace your mistakes and your flaws. I mean really - don't you think no matter what, Moms are blamed for everything?