Is She for Real?


So, the Oscars were last night and it is sooo my favorite time of year. I know most of my friends are laughing hysterically right now and asking the question Why?? It is a time of year when all women around the world can fantasize about being next to a beautiful man who is dressed impeccable.

You can forget that you have doctors appointments, play dates, laundry out your ass and your house looks like a bomb hit it. For 3 to 4 hours, you can run away from home for awhile. I really watch the women who have had children to see what they are wearing. I will admit I get a little jealous and want to jump through the TV and rip their hair out. LOL. My favorite last night was Jennifer Garner. She looked absolutely stunning and that gown was amazing. To me, she is a real girl. I have seen pics of her that were not soo good and some that make me sooooo envious. And Ben is not bad either. As I watch the Oscars every year, and secretly dream of being there next year, I make a promise to myself to start the gym.

I swear on everything that I will go to this 4th gym that I have joined. Of course, something ALWAYS comes up. Oh screw it - I'm just getting the ice cream and waiting another year. Who am I kidding.