Out Of The Mouths Of Babes!

Okay, so last weekend we go to Applebees for dinner. The waitress comes to the the table to ask for the drink order. I proceed to order the White Peach Sangria cause it is the biggest drink! Yes, I said it aloud!

The waitress looks at me and says the sentence that any woman over 40 wants to hear, "Can I see some ID?" "Of course", I reply. Well, at the moment my whole family begins to bust up with laughter. My 17 year-old son Christian replies "She's kidding, right?" The waitress then comes back, and my 20-year old son, Casey (who is the special needs son) leans over and says to the waitress "Did you see the lines and wrinkles on her face?" Really Casey? LOL. Not only did I have 1 Sangria, but 2!!!

Then, I came home and immediately went on the computer and looked at every cream and surgery that could make me younger. Where the hell is that fountain of youth anyway!!