Gifts from God!

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My oldest son Casey is 20 years old.  He is classified as "developmentally disabled". Those of you who have special needs children know what this phrase stands for. I  say SO WHAT!  Casey is a barrel of laughs and we EMBRACE his flaws.

Yesterday I was in Shoprite, doing the job I hate the most, and there was a group of special needs kids with their teachers shopping.  First of all, teachers who work with these kids are TRUE Angels!  As I passed them, I smiled and said hello.  Well, their faces lit up.  I say to all of you, the next time you see a child or adult that looks "different", take the time to talk to them.  You have no idea what impact they could have on your life or vice versa.  In today's world, we are raising what I like to call "the Entitled Generation".   We want our kids to look and be perfect.  And we miss out on the imperfections!

I tell Casey it is soooo easy to be "normal", but to be "different" is soooo much more fun!